The Christmas season is now underway, which means that a huge number of individuals will soon travel to celebrate with friends and family throughout the world. Many of those passengers will be flying, which frequently entails layovers during the busiest season at airports.

Fortunately, there is a new method to waste some time that will probably make your pulse rate go up for any traveling gamers going through the Incheon International Airport in South Korea. All passengers will be able to get into League of Legends and/or VALORANT while awaiting their flight thanks to a new Riot Games hub at Incheon Airport.

Numerous spectacular pieces of art, including two life-size sculptures of League champion Ahri and VALORANT agent Jett, can be found around the cutting-edge center. Travelers may also take part in entertaining mini-challenges like aim training in VALORANT, and hub personnel will hand out complimentary koozies and prizes. Even the booth is covered with a ton of artwork created locally, giving Riot’s well-known games a new and unique viewpoint.

In reality, the appropriately called Riot Games Experience Zone debuted in October. Jo Hyuk-jin, CEO of Riot Games Korea, expressed his desire to introduce more people to Riot games in June. Four months later, visitors passing through South Korea can now play two of Riot’s most well-liked games before their flights.

Even while the responses about North America not even having to leave the airport to attend international League tournaments in Korea are humorous, this is yet another significant step by Riot to increase awareness of its games. With more than 130 destinations and millions of travelers passing through each year, Incheon International Airport is the largest airport in South Korea.