Thanks to a tried-and-true ergonomic design that works well for users with bigger hands, the DeathAdder brand of mouse is Razer’s most popular product line. And make no mistake, DeathAdder mice are quite cozy. Just until now, I haven’t been so moved by how they make me feel that I’ve been prepared to cast off all my allegiances and my 20 macro-programmed buttons and board the DeathAdder ship.

I’m beginning to feel like I could probably get by with only two side buttons because to how comfy Razer’s brand-new DeathAdder V3 Pro feels. I didn’t really believe Razer could dramatically improve the DeathAdder’s ergonomics. Like I stated, it was already a really comfortable mouse, but the manufacturer has managed to make the V3 Pro even more so.

With Razer’s Focus Pro 30K Optical sensor, 2.4GHz wireless connection, an absurdly ergonomic design, and a ton of customizability options, the DeathAdder V3 Pro is a portable wireless gaming mouse. It costs $150 right now and is offered in both black and white.