In NVIDIA RTX A4500 20GB GPU, we first discussed the NVIDIA RTX A4500 GPU. Since there was minimal hoopla when this GPU was first introduced, we decided to briefly evaluate the device. This is a mid-range professional GPU from NVIDIA, which was previously known as a Quadro in earlier incarnations before the name was dropped. We only wanted to express our gratitude to PNY for letting us borrow this card. Although PNY is a major distributor of NVIDIA’s professional GPUs, some of the images include PNY tags despite the fact that NVIDIA manufactures the GPU itself. Let’s go on to the review now.

PNY NVIDIA RTX A4500 20GB GPU Hardware

The GPU is a double-width card on its own. It also has a fan that is running. Other GPUs we’ve seen, like the NVIDIA A40, lack fans and need active chassis cooling. This makes it simpler to include this technology into workstations.

The card itself features 20GB of ECC GDDR6 memory and 7168 Ampere-generation CUDA cores.

The RTX A4500 has an NVLink port on its edge. For multi-GPU applications, NVIDIA also provides connections for its stereo and NVIDIA Quadro Sync II ports. On GeForce GPUs, the stereo and sync connectors are generally absent.

There is an 8-pin power port next to the NVIDIA logo. Despite using the consumer connection, which makes it easily adaptable to a variety of power supply, this GPU still uses the data center GPU connector, unlike some of the higher-end professional GPUs.