The Logitech Litra Glow is a member of the brand-new Logitech Creator product family and was created as a portable and reasonably priced replacement for a complete ring light. Many remote or hybrid employees might benefit from having some extra illumination during conference calls or virtual presentations, despite the initial assumption that this would be a product that would mainly appeal to the streaming community, such as those who utilize platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

At $60 (£59 / AU$90), there are undoubtedly more affordable lighting options on the market, but it’s doubtful that many of them will be as feature-rich. Additionally, a traditional ring light or softbox may be too large for a home or office environment and require challenging or time-consuming setup.

The Logitech Litra Glow consists of the light box itself, which has a square, rounded shape. While you can customize all of the lighting features using the optional Logitech G Hub software (which we’ll cover a little later), Logitech also thought it would be a good idea to include some physical control buttons on the device’s back.

These consist of a single circular power button and two tone and brightness adjustment buttons that are both placed on each side of the primary power button. Although the two adjusters are of a similar size and form, they may be easily distinguished by their different textures if you’re blind or have trouble seeing. The buttons themselves don’t have a squishy feeling, and they have a pleasant click.

Although we have no actual means of confirming Logitech’s claim that the light can produce 250 lumens of brightness, we can say that the Litra Glow is more than bright enough to significantly improve your illumination, even in a room that is already well-lit. Although the actual alterations that are accessible are very limited, it is doubtful that you will require more functions than what is already offered. You may adjust the light’s temperature as well as its brightness on a sliding scale, transforming the light from a cold blue to a warm natural yellow that mimics a sunny atmosphere.

It can be a little startling to confront a direct light source from the front, as with many head-on computer lighting alternatives, and extended use can seriously strain your eyes. However, this is also normal if you are facing a sunny window, so it’s not anything we can really hold against the device. Similar to the previous point, the small size may also be bothersome since, unlike bigger light panels, which may spread the light, the light is focused into a tiny single source on your eye line.

Many of the advantages you’ll experience with the Logitech Litra Glow are real. Not in the lighting itself, but rather in the monitor clip that folds down so you can quickly attach the light onto any monitor or laptop (possibly influenced by those on webcams). This also folds back so that you can easily pack it back into a backpack when the light is no longer needed, making it a good alternative for mobile content creators or hybrid workers who don’t have a set workspace.

A swivel-jointed style head connecting it to the mount allows it to be rotated and twisted into a position that best suits your filming setup, which is good news for people who have an unusual set-up or simply don’t want to be illuminated head on from the front. In addition to being easily folded, it can also be used to adjust the height and positioning of the light.

Although we do notice that only Windows 10 is now mentioned as the available choice on the website, Logitech G Hub is accessible to both Mac and Windows users. However, as the program is also compatible with Microsoft’s most recent operating system, Windows 11, users of that platform don’t seem to be impacted. The G Hub software is definitely worth downloading and installing into your machine if you also use a Logitech camera, such as the Logitech 4K Brio(opens in new tab) or the Logitech StreamCam(opens in new tab), since it combines the Litra Glow and the webcam into an one program.

The greatest webcams(opens in new tab), many of which are part of the Logitech product family, are where the light draws a lot of its inspiration from. In order for the actual glow to function totally independently from a power supply alongside a laptop or desktop computer, this also involves software integration and a USB-A power source. Although we would have like this to be a bit longer as 1.5 meters might be a bit restricting for desktop usage, the accompanying USB-C to USB-A cable that is used to power the light is not cemented into the rear of the device, unlike some cameras.

With the Litra Glow light, Logitech has generally done an excellent job of striking a balance between features and price. It is in no way powerful enough to take the place of a key light or softbox employed by photographers, but that is not necessary. This will most benefit remote workers or streamers on a small budget who require access to a steady light source for presentations.