Razer has released its first-ever glass mouse mat for gamers. Billed as a mat that delivers “pure polished precision,” the Razer Atlas (opens in new tab) offers a micro-etched tempered glass surface with CNC-milled rounded edges, a non-slip rubber base, and quick wipe-down cleaning. This $99 / €119 glass mouse mat isn’t simply an upcycled glass chopping board.

Glass has been an integral part of our daily lives for centuries. Still, in the world of computer peripherals, where ergonomic considerations meant everyone in the noughties had a gel wrist rest, it might be a harder sell. In addition, there has been a definite trend toward hard ‘fast’ mousing surfaces for eSports pros in recent years.

Razer highlights that its glass mouse mat enhances several gaming performance metrics. For accurate tracking, the Razer Atlas features a black or white surface that has been micro-etched with 2μm texturing for seamless optical sensor feedback. For speed and responsiveness, the ultra-smooth matt surface facilitates “quick swipes and consistent glides,” says Razer. If you tend to wear out your mouse mats, another touted benefit of this tempered glass design is its impeccable durability – and it should be easy to clean after a smudgy, sweaty Cheetos-fueled gaming session.

Razer Atlas glass mouse mat