Razer keeps pushing the boundaries of what consumers are willing to spend in order to get an advantage over their rivals. As of right now, owners of the $30 Razer HyperPolling dongle may enjoy the pleasure of having a higher polling rate than the competition while using the Razer Viper V2 Pro wireless gaming mouse. This adapter only works with the Viper V2 Pro at this time, and its primary function is to provide you a negligible competitive advantage by giving the wireless mouse a 4000Hz polling rate.

The Razer Viper V2 Pro

The frequency at which a mouse or other peripheral sends information to your desktop is referred to as a device’s polling rate. A wired or wireless peripheral’s polling rate is typically about 1000Hz, which means your desktop receives information from your mouse once per millisecond. To keep up, producers like Razer have begun producing peripherals with polling rates as high as 8000Hz. Even while sustaining a 4000Hz polling rate over a wireless connection is amazing, it’s hard to predict how much this will affect a player’s performance considering that the fastest gaming displays now available only support 500Hz.

Polling rate appears to be the next statistic being used to assess the efficiency of mice in the gaming industry, similar to how peripheral makers were vying to outfit their mice with more potent sensors. Although there is scientific evidence to support the assertions that a greater polling rate causes less latency with your inputs, it is questionable whether this improves your playing ability. Razer appears to agree and thinks you’ll be willing to pay for the opportunity.