Leading independent video game company Quantic Dream S.A. has been purchased by NetEase Games, a division of NetEase, according to one of China’s biggest internet and online gaming service providers, NetEase Inc. The founding of Quantic Dream, under the leadership of David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière, as NetEase Games’ first studio in Europe, is a crucial step in achieving the company’s vision of fostering creativity and video game production on a global scale.

Quantic Dream will continue to operate independently, focusing on creating and distributing its own video games across all platforms as well as supporting and releasing titles made by third parties, while using NetEase’s extensive game development capabilities.

Quantic Dream is a market leader in creating games with a strong narrative focus and nonlinear stories

Quantic Dream is a multi-award-winning studio that was established in Paris, France, 25 years ago. Among its renowned titles are Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human. At The Game Awards 2021, the business announced that it is working with Lucasfilm Games on the next action-adventure game, Star Wars EclipseTM.

Guillaume de Fondaumière, Co-CEO and Head of Publishing for Quantic Dream, recalled that NetEase Games had made their initial investment in the company three years prior. We got the chance to collaborate closely throughout this time and were able to observe firsthand how complimentary and similar we are. The purchase of NetEase Games is a logical progression in this process and presents a special opportunity to accelerate Quantic Dream’s expansion by providing our production and publishing teams with all the tools they need to succeed,” he said.

Quantic Dream is the industry leader in creating games with a strong narrative focus and nonlinear stories that respect player choices. The company, which develops its own proprietary technology, is recognized for using motion capture in inventive ways to offer actors’ performances in video games a lifelike quality that has never been seen before. In the year 2019, NetEase made its initial investment in Quantic Dream S.A.