To help develop its international esports contests, PlayStation purchased the esports tournament website

After investing in 2021 to become a co-owner of EVO, the world’s top fighting game championship, Sony’s emphasis on esports is still strong. The business also organizes PlayStation Tournaments, which feature over 30 titles and are held in more than 70 nations worldwide.

According to Steven Roberts, vice president of worldwide competitive gaming at Sony Interactive Entertainment, “at PlayStation, our goal for esports has always been about lowering obstacles for players to participate at all levels.” We’re eager to explore further opportunities for gamers to participate in competitive gaming and broaden the scope of our esports services in collaboration with the excellent team. Our adventure has just begun, and we anticipate in the future updating our community with additional information.

According to GamesIndustry, 50,000 gamers took home more than $5 million in prizes from 8,000 contests in 2021.

According to CEO Aaron Fletcher, “ was built to allow new tournament formats that are easy to enter and scalable to millions of players.” We’re excited to work with the PlayStation team to expand the range of tournament experiences that players of all skill levels may enjoy.

According to Repeat, it will keep hosting games on platforms other than the PlayStation, including as mobile, PC, and other consoles.

As we continue to rethink esports and competitions, this is the most important turning point in Repeat’s history, the company stated. “We have been in contact with SIE for a while now because we wanted to make sure that our vision and objectives were compatible. “Esports for Everyone” has always been a priority at Repeat. No of your level of ability, we aim to provide the exhilaration and excitement of competition to every gamer.