Early claims were accurate, as Beastcoast has confirmed that some athletes at The International 2022 had contracted COVID-19.

This will not only force some of BC’s players to participate in their forthcoming matchup with PSG.

However, the squad will also be playing at a disadvantage. LGD from isolation rooms.

One player reportedly complained of having a sore throat after the South American squad defeated Evil Geniuses in the previous round, according to beastcoast management. As a result, the squad quickly administered COVID tests to all players, and they all came back positive.

As soon as the favorable findings were confirmed, Valve was informed and the team’s decision to play in isolation was made. While Valve will provide the team private rooms to compete in the future, due to technical restrictions, Beastcoast is unable to play their upcoming series with all of their coaches present.

As soon as favorable results were established, beastcoast remarked, “We immediately reported to Valve.” “Unfortunately, our instructor won’t be given a secluded room with a PC owing to Valve’s restrictions. This implies that we will have to play the games tomorrow without our coach. Although this is really disheartening, we will continue to give it our all on the global stage.

According to these preliminary findings, if the already deleted internal report is to be trusted, at least three players tested positive during the last 24 hours, indicating that this problem isn’t as terrible as the last one with Royal Never Give Up.

Beastcoast probably won’t have any players competing on the main stage despite the fact that RNG’s condition first appears to be worse because there was less time between the favorable results and the subsequent series for testing. To make sure no other teams come into touch with a potential false negative player, Valve, PGL, and the organization should exercise greater caution in this situation.

The players from Beastcoast who did test positive are likewise unknown to us at this time.

Due to severe coughs, fevers, and other illnesses, RNG said that it was extremely difficult for several of its players to perform at a high level. Although Entity ultimately defeated the Chinese squad after a nearly two-hour battle, the potential influence of COVID cannot be disregarded.

Against the fourth day of TI11, Beastcoast will take on LGD in the first matchup. At this point, it appears that a hazardous external influence may potentially taint the outcome.