Nintendo officially announced the sales of its Nintendo Switch on Thursday night, with sales reaching 100 million units so far. One of the fastest in gaming machine history.

As of December 31, 2021, Nintendo had sold a total of 103.54 million units of its Switch line of consoles, surpassing the Wii consoles of 101.63 million units in its lifetime. This model game machine.

At the same time, the Switch has become the fastest-selling game console in the history of 100 million units, even compared to Sony or Microsoft. Almost 5 years since the first release in March 2017.

However, at the opening of 2022, the Switch seems to have received an impressive quick sales, which Nintendo expects to sell 23 million Switch in the first quarter, but this is a reduced number. Only after a lot of problems with the lack of chips, as well as other components from suppliers.