With the release of F.I.S.T. : Forged in Shadow Torch on December 26 and the game releases of December 27 and December 28 seeping online, the free mystery game offer on the Epic Games Store is still ongoing. While many fans weren’t sure what to anticipate, the promotion this year has mostly concentrated on top AAA and independent games.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, a game that was published on Christmas Day, was the biggest Epic Games Store release for the mystery promotion thus far. It became so well-liked that the Epic Games Store collapsed, preventing many people from claiming it. Epic Games also substituted the Director’s Cut for the game’s normal version during the commotion. With F.I.S.T. in place, it is doubtful that this would occur today, but weirder things have happened.

The story of F.I.S.T. centers on an anthropomorphic rabbit who utilizes a massive mechanical fist to free Torch City from robotic tyranny. It’s a good game that earned generally positive reviews for its visuals, setting, and gameplay (although PS4 reviews tended to be far less positive than those for PS5, PC, and Switch versions). Overall, it’s a great selection for the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games Store Free Mystery Game List – December 2022

  • December 26: F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch
  • December 27: Severed Steel
  • December 28: Mortal Shell

The following two games are Severed Steel and Mortal Shell, according to a recent leak. Although all rumors and leaks should be seen as only rumors and nothing more, Billbil-kun is the source of these leaks. When it comes to EGS and PS Plus leaks, this leaker has established a reputation for themselves, and their record is essentially flawless. Given a sufficient grain of salt, it makes sense that they are indeed the upcoming two games.

Severed Steel describes itself as a distinct first-person shooter with a one-armed protagonist, fully destructible landscapes, and a sophisticated stunt system for mobility. It’s intriguing, especially for FPS veterans. Mortal Shell, on the other hand, is among the most well-liked non-FromSoft titles in the genre. It is one of several games that embrace the Soulslike genre that FromSoftware originated. What makes it distinctive is how players may switch between various “shells” to alter their playstyle at any time.

Billbil-kun, in an odd move, has declined to reveal the Epic Games Store free mystery game for December 29, citing the franchise’s quality as being on par with that of Death Stranding. Fans still have a few days to wait and find out, but it does sound like another exciting game is on the way.