When it comes to collaborating with entertainment companies to include some of the most well-known characters in Fortnite, Epic Games is unmatched. Epic has consistently added new characters from various properties to the battle royale, whether it is from Marvel or the company that publishes Dragon Ball. A new Doctor Who collaboration for Fortnite may be on the way, according to recent leaks.

A new Doctor Who collaboration in Fortnite has been revealed, according to FNBRintel on Twitter. In contrast to previously this year, this collaboration is meant to be a complete collaboration rather than a spray and a Creative map. Fortnite data miner ShiinaBR confirmed this, saying they had also spotted indications of an impending collaboration.

The only additional information provided by these two tales is that we probably won’t see any indication of this on the island for a few months. Players could see a few of the past Doctors or their companions appear in the battle royale if it follows the pattern of most earlier collaborations. Nevertheless, considering the character’s aversion to weapons in general, this could seem improbable.

Perhaps it will send some of the series’ enemies, like the Daleks or the Cybermen, to the island, forcing the players to engage in combat with them. There may at the very least be a Tardis glider that players could swing from to resemble a certain Doctor from the past. Fans of the series are certain to welcome anything the collaboration has to offer.

It would seem that the BBC like the initial collaboration so much that it just brought a spray and chose to approve a full one.