With weather systems, interactive items, and a completely new place to discover, Holoroth will add new features to the game.

A brand-new map for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, which adds the new territory of Holoroth, will be made accessible to players on August 19th, 2022, according to NetEase and 24 Entertainment.

The team hasn’t wavered since their triumphant debut on Xbox Series X|S last month, pushing fresh content for gamers in NARAKA’s ever-growing community. All of this guarantees that there will be more NARAKA to enjoy than ever before as the game’s first anniversary approaches.

The new map’s trailer may be seen here. Holoroth provides gamers with a plethora of fresh experiences and features. The combination of stunning surroundings and challenging terrain truly shakes up the game for NARAKA gamers.

Holoroth experiences heavy snowfall in some regions, which can accumulate rather deeply and impede warriors’ movement. As their character seeks out campfires for warmth, players will also need to be on the lookout for overexposure to the cold. Players must be aware of confusing sandstorms when in the desert. Incorporating new object interactions into player strategies must also take into account the numerous installed mechanisms, falling pebbles, and creeper vines.

Of course, fresh fighting experiences are common as well. The new airborne combat, which enables players to jump higher across gaping chasms, may be practiced on the floating platforms around Plumed Castle in the middle of the area. Additionally, there are many of structures for players to climb in The City of Tang and the city of Mehtaab, where they may also hide and keep an eye out for their adversaries. This is ideal for switching from melee to ranged combat.