In the past, there have been many smart ring products, with the most famous being the Oura Ring. But recently, health technology company Movano announced one of its first smart ring products to compete with the Oura Ring and plans to unveil it at CES 2022.

Movano’s goal is to make the Movano Ring the most affordable health device. However, the price has not been confirmed, but has already revealed many important features of the ring. The Movano Ring can measure all aspects of basic health, including heart rate, sleep, respiration, temperature, blood oxygen levels, gait and fat burning. Movano plans to have his ring to measure blood sugar and blood pressure levels as well, so they are currently testing additional technologies that could help capture that data.

Unlike other companies’ smart rings, Movano Ring needs its own app to be able to connect to phones and present measurable health data to users. Well, here are some highlights of the Movano Ring, and for the price, we expect it to be officially unveiled at CES 2022.