A recent BBC investigation found that some of the programs on Metaverse had a significant impact on children’s well-being due to the lack of clear controls by Meta.

In this investigation, BBC researchers used a Meta Quest headset and downloaded VRChat, an online virtual platform that allows users to use 3D icons. Although the app was not developed by Facebook, it can be downloaded from the app store on Facebook’s Meta Quest headset without any verification or verification of age, and the only requirement is a Facebook account. Inside the VRChat app, there are rooms where users can usually meet, such as restaurants, but also a porn dance club.

Although the researcher registered to use the app as a 13-year-old girl, she was able to visit another virtual room with icons posing for sex. She was shown sex toys and a condom. In addition, many adult men tried to communicate with her as well. For the safety and well-being of children in the use of technology devices, you should be careful when they download software and advise on the risks associated with the use of technology.