Today’s 5-2 victory over the Atlanta FaZe gave the Los Angeles Thieves their first Call of Duty League title.

The L.A. Thieves were in danger of missing the playoffs prior to Champs because to their erratic play. But the Thieves overcame their difficulties and won the trophy in the Major Four in New York. Fans weren’t sure if L.A. would be able to maintain its winning ways going into Champs, but the Thieves disproved everyone’s predictions by making it to the championship game via the upper bracket.

As a reward for winning the upper bracket, The Thieves received a map veto advantage going into the grand final. The result was that the Thieves received Control and Gavutu Hardpoint, two of their greatest maps of the year. L.A. won both gunfights and rotations to gain an early edge, making the initial Hardpoint appear simple. With such lead, the team won the first game of the series 250–187. Another popular map and mode for the Thieves is Berlin Search and Destroy, however it is just as biased as the original Hardpoint. Every time they got the chance, The Thieves outgunned FaZe and all of their players missed over six kills. With eight kills and five fatalities for a 1.6 KD at the end of the map, Envoy put out an amazing effort.

Gavutu Control was far more unpredictable than the Hardpoint had been, and FaZe forced Thieves into a round five where the Thieves won 3-2 with to crucial holds. With a 3-0 advantage in the series, the Thieves just required two more maps to depose FaZe. Despite FaZe initially having the advantage during the Tuscan Hardpoint, L.A. managed to hang on. However, with all four players contributing, the Thieves prevailed 250–212. With a 1.23 KD, Envoy was once again putting on an MVP-caliber performance.

Atlanta defeated the Thieves in Bocage Search and Destroy, a game they had previously swept the Thieves in, to escape the terrible 5-0 defeat. The Thieves were denied a 6-0 Search defeat by one crucial round, but FaZe still prevailed 6-1 to maintain their series lead. The sixth map in the series, Berlin Control, was a recent favorite of the Thieves who had performed well on it in the previous competition. Atlanta won it to recover two maps in the series in a nail-biting Control match that stretched all the way to round five.

The L.A. Thieves win their second CDL trophy with this victory, giving Kenny, Envoy, Drazah, and Octane their first championship rings. Kenny was also recognized as the CoD Champs 2022 MVP.