Twenty brand-new items featuring Lionel Messi are coming to the game, according to PUBG MOBILE. The renowned footballer makes his debut in PUBG MOBILE alongside a selection of unique clothing items and accessories that will enable players to fully express their strength and vigor on the battlefield.

With a variety of Captain Messi uniforms and accessories including new decorations, parachutes, pans, and more, players may become superstars in their own right. A new themed set, cover, backpack, helmet, pan, PP-19 Bizon, Mini14, MK47, AKM, ornament, and grenade are all part of the Messi Football Icon line.

The Messi Super Legend accessories, which include a set, hat, mask, and parachute, are presented next. Last but not least, the Messi Collaboration products come in the form of a set, plane finish, hoverboard, dacia, and decoration. Through the invitation-sharing event, players may still obtain the limited-edition PUBG MOBILE X Messi Collaboration Jersey. However, act quickly because this offer is only valid for a short period of time.

Lionel Messi said:

“It’s so exciting to see PUBG MOBILE reveal the items we’ve been working on together, I can’t wait to see players using our amazing new outfits. It’s been a great experience working with PUBG MOBILE, and I’m really proud of the work this partnership has achieved – I’m looking forward to getting on the battlefield and using these items myself!”

Vincent Wang, Head of PUBG MOBILE Publishing, Tencent Games, said:

“Messi has been a pleasure to collaborate with, and it’s an honour to be able to immortalise him in PUBG MOBILE. This is a huge moment for PUBG MOBILE players and football fans alike, and I hope everyone enjoys unleashing their power with these truly special in-game items.”