Many League of Legends players are aware that they have three opportunities to alter their minds about a purchase after making it, but later this year, they might not be able to do so as easily.

All players were initially given three refund tokens by Riot Games, which they could use to exchange a skin, ward, or symbol for another item. Whether a player utilized the item in question or not, this token can be used within 90 days of the item being purchased. Due to the removal of refund tokens from the game by the developers, this option won’t be available as of this year.

Riot will first give all players three refund tokens to start the year because the refund mechanism is complicated. But due to how difficult it is to keep such a system running, they have chosen to remove tokens in order to completely solve the issue.

However, because of the aforementioned complexity, Riot claimed it has decided to completely get rid with refund tokens in patch 13.11 later this year. This will eliminate the need to maintain an outdated system specifically for League and bring the refund policy into line with our other games. As a result, patch 13.11 will also change the standard refund policy.

However, Patch 13.11 isn’t expected to be live until Wednesday, June 28, giving every player until then to make the most of their refund tokens in 2023.