Gale Adelaide and Brian “Kephrii” St. Pierre, two Twitch streamers, are charged for cooperating in the $100,000 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ReadyUp Invitational competition. Many players assert that despite being on different teams, they helped each other succeed by feeding each other high point kills.

Individual players with high scores compete for the top prize since the tournament’s points are awarded based on individual talent rather than team performance. The following points are in order:

  • Kill – one point
  • Assist – two points
  • Knife kill – five points

A knife kill is challenging enough to receive five points since opponents can hear you approaching from behind them. Nevertheless, Gale defeated Kephrii with three knife kills (15 points), whereas Kephrii defeated Gale with two knife kills (10 points). In a video that Jake Lucky tweeted, Gale quickly dispatched Kephrii.

Many gamers were skeptical as a result of this and the other kills.

A few participants wanted to cease participating, but doing so would have meant they would be eliminated from the game.

Kephrii insisted that he was not involved in any issue involving cheating. He said that he “genuinely did not hear [Gale]” in a tweet to Jake Lucky. He stated that his rustiness was due to the fact that he hadn’t played CSGO in three years.

It seems strange that two players could achieve five knife kills in such a short period of time considering how simple it is to hear someone creeping up behind you. FACEIT launched an inquiry throughout the game and, after reviewing the purported evidence, determined that Kephrii was not a cheater.

Kephrii was eventually kicked out of the event due to complaints, notwithstanding this decision.

Even though it might seem unfair, assuming he isn’t cheating, his Counter-Strike proficiency is too low to be in the competition because he was nothing more than a piñata for points.

Despite the investigation’s success, Jake Lucky tweeted that many gamers he spoke to are still pessimistic.