Team BDS may alter its starting lineup after spending six weeks at the bottom of the 2022 LEC Summer Split rankings. According to rumors from Upcomer’s Brieuc Seeger, Support Dino “LIMIT” Tot will start joining the organization’s lineup this upcoming weekend.

Robert “Erdote” Nowak, a current LEC supporter, will also be added to the team’s LFL roster. According to reports, Tobias “Dreamer Ace” Schreckeneder, a current member of the BDS Academy support team, abruptly left his position and wanted to resign for personal reasons.

When LIMIT last competed for Team BDS, they participated in the 2022 Spring Split, finishing in eighth place with a dismal 4-14 record. Given the presence of experienced captain and former G2 Esports head coach Fabian “GrabbZ” Lohmann, as well as star youngster Adam, expectations for the roster’s performance were far higher than reality.

Given that BDS currently has 10 losses with three more weeks of play, this split hasn’t looked any better for them. The coaching team is prepared to make some adjustments to shake up any type of outcomes despite having only one victory to their name.

LIMIT has played against the bulk of these players and has far more experience than Erdote. He gives this very youthful group the leadership lift it could have lacked. With games against G2, Fnatic, Team Vitality, and Excel coming up in the next two weeks, they will need a lot of assistance as they make their way through the remainder of the split.

This following week, the 2022 LEC Summer Split will resume. Catch BDS in action then.