The new features for Supercell ID have been confirmed so far to be related to the alternation of email addresses in all new and old Supercell IDs and some security features that’ll make your Supercell ID a little bit more safe, more sound, and more secure. Supercell, one of the most consumer-friendly mobile game developers out there, has just announced a set of new quality-of-life improvements to be added to Supercell ID.

Supercell will allow players to change their SCID email address

The option to change email addresses is one of the most noticeable and user-friendly of the newly disclosed Supercell ID improvements, and it greatly solves many current user experience-related issues. Players only need to enter the confirmation code that will be provided to the presently registered email address, choose the option to change their email address in the SCID settings, and they’re done.

The automatic application of this functionality to all other games that use Supercell ID is what makes this upgrade both handy and essential.

Supercell to roll out new account protection feature in the upcoming update

A new update will be included in the list of Supercell ID’s new features to provide a better, more secure experience with Supercell ID and to ease concerns. A further defense against nefarious third parties who could try to recover the account on the player’s behalf will activate if players enable this option.

After the update, if players choose to use this feature, anybody attempting to retrieve the player’s ID will need codes that only they can obtain or the player’s recovery method.

How to enable account protection

After the update, if you want to enable the account protection feature you’ll need to go into the settings in the game and select Supercell ID and the on-screen instructions will guide you along the way. The things required to enable this feature are

  • A mobile number where you can receive SMS codes.
  • A backup number in case you lost the registered number.

How to use the backup code for Supercell ID

In case the player loses his mobile or somehow loses access to it or simply turns to a new phone and can’t access the code then this Supercell ID new feature is very handy. This’ll require the player to simply input their recovery code and get all the data attached to the Supercell ID back as they were. However, the backup code is one-use only and will need to be generated again after use.