Fans all across the world have been enthralled by the extensive backstory of Overwatch for almost six years. Fans have got the chance to discover more about their favorite characters and the settings they live in both within and outside of the game.

With a lengthy animated video today focused on Kiriko, the newest support in Overwatch 2, Blizzard elaborated on the background of a single hero, adding to the initial narrative that was provided alongside her launch. The first new animation to be published for the game since the introduction of Junker Queen, this clip aired at TwitchCon’s opening ceremony.

Kiriko is forced to face her toughest opponent—her mother—who fervently wants her to return home and begin training—after getting a fox mask from the granddaughter of one of the people who lives in her building. But the Hashimoto Clan, who had previously ruled over Kanezaka, causes a commotion, forcing her to intervene and rescue innocent lives.

While eliminating the Hashimoto Clan members, Kiriko displays a number of her skills, including Swift Step, Healing Ofuda, and most importantly her ultimate, Kitsune Rush. With a broom and an axe, respectively, she amusingly directs the grandfather and granddaughter toward the foes as they gain a significant speed boost inside the arches of the ability.

All of the people in the cinematic are taken aback by Kiriko’s revelation of her skills, especially her mother, who expresses to Kiriko how happy her grandmother would be just before the Overwatch logo appears on the screen. I have a superhero baby! Unaware that she would soon join the ranks of Overwatch with Kiriko’s former training companions, Hanzo and Genji, Kiriko’s mother exclaims.

Players of Overwatch 2 may now gain access to an unique Legendary skin for Kiriko as well as other cosmetic items by watching streams on Twitch. Players must first connect their and Twitch accounts in order to accomplish this, which can be done by going to the “connections” tab in their settings.

As a free-to-play early access game, Overwatch 2 is now accessible on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. However, users have reported continued connectivity problems, cosmetic items missing, and other glitches. For players who have the Founder’s Pack, Kiriko is accessible right away. For players who don’t have the original, Kiriko may either be unlocked at level 55 of the free battle pass or right away by purchasing the premium track.