Last night, Google unveiled an interesting piece of news to fans at The Game Awards, announcing the introduction of a separate Google Play Games app for Windows.

In bringing Google Play Games to a platform other than Android, is to bring the presence of Android games to Windows directly through Google. Google has confirmed that the introduction of Android games to Windows via Google Play Games will begin later next year, but has not yet confirmed the exact month.

Not only that, the company also confirmed that this bring is not due to cooperation with Microsoft, such as bringing Amazon Appstore into Windows 11, instead, Google has developed the program. Myself.

Google Play Games for Windows will be a standalone application that allows users to install directly from Google to access Android games through this app. It’s not wrong to do that, we absolutely need a Google Account, and one of the most special is that this program will store the game data of the account holder and allow us to continue playing on any Platform. For example, you play a game on an Android device, so the data for that session will continue to be available to you, whether you run it on a Windows PC or Chromebook.