Unbelievably, math plays a significant role in Dota 2.

Even the simplest players—and let’s face it, there are a lot of them—occasionally need to do mathematical operations. They need to know if they have enough mana to perform a combination and whether an adversary will be killed by an ability in order to do this.

However, one player—who also happened to be a mathematical prodigy—took their abilities to the next level by discovering an intriguing fact about The International 11: It had more winners than all the previous years combined.

The player, whose name is Ahimtar, began by stating the obvious. There have been different champions at each competition, with the exception of TI9, which OG won back-to-back after winning TI8.

Therefore, there have been five TI winners for each of the 45 TI winners between TI1 and TI10 (excluding TI9).

However, TI11 was a whole other animal. The team that won it, Tundra Esports, had two players with the names 33 and Nine rather than adding five more winners to the total, which would bring it up to 50.

If you do the arithmetic, as Ahimtar pointed out, this indicates that there were 45 winners at the event this year. Three of these are Saksa, Skiter, and Sneyking, while the remaining 42 are made up of 33 and Nine.

To put it mildly, the calculation is revolutionary. But what else would you anticipate from a mathematical genius?

On a more serious side, TI11 did up the overall amount of TI wins to 50. Every time the competition has been held, with the exception of TI9, there have been five new champions.

It can only be positive for the scene that The Aegis has been passed around so often throughout the years.