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After day one of the 2022 World Championship, European League of Legends supporters were giddy because Fnatic and MAD Lions had united to finish the day with four victories and no defeats to start the competition. When they realized that veteran support player Hylissang from Fnatic would be available for today’s match versus DetonatioN FocusMe, the good news became even better.

After the team’s AD carry Upset revealed that he and his teammates hadn’t scrimmed since the LEC playoffs finished, many people had their expectations for Fnatic reduced. It didn’t help because COVID-19 tests for Upset and Hylissang delayed their travel to Mexico City and prevented them from participating in team practices.

However, Fnatic demonstrated after the first day that they were still in top form with two dominant wins against Evil Geniuses and Chiefs Esports Club. The Japanese team put up a respectable fight against DFM today as they attempted to advance to the event’s group stage.

DFM was able to quickly string together a series of kills in the early going, beginning with a startling catch in the bottom lane between the two AD-support duos. After Razork’s unsuccessful tower dive and an Evi solo kill on Wunder, things were looking bad for the European team. Fortunately for them, the team’s late-game skill set began to shine, and the team moved from 0 to 100.

The LJL team was just unable to match Fnatic’s teamfighting prowess, and after a few unfair skirmishes resulted in a free Baron, the guys in orange marched straight to the Nexus. Even while Hylissang did make a few mistakes, the 27-year-excellent old’s engagements on Maokai, which resulted in two kills, nine assists, and four deaths, served as a significant catalyst.

Hylissang’s decision to give up first blood to begin Worlds was almost poetic, but now he and the rest of his squad can concentrate on qualifying for the main event group stage. The first game of the day is tomorrow, when Fnatic will play LOUD.