According to the most recent blog post from, Talking Tom & Friends has been the most downloaded mobile game IP for ten years in a row. More than any other publisher in the world, Outfit7 had seven games on the Top 100 Monthly Active Users list in 2021.

Talking Tom & Friends has seen steady growth since its debut

The first game in the Talking Tom & Friends franchise was a huge hit, and since its debut in 2010, the business has been steadily expanding. By focusing on IP development and bringing new gameplay mechanics, gaming environments, and characters to the franchise, Outfit7 gradually expanded the brand’s gaming portfolio.

More than 20 Talking Tom & Friends games are already available, with the most recent game, My Talking Angela 2, becoming the most popular mobile game of summer 2021 with 120 million downloads in its first month alone.

The Talking Tom franchise’s inaugural game, Talking Tom Cat, was launched by Outfit7 in 2010 and served as the public’s introduction to the Talking Tom character. Even though it followed a tried-and-true virtual pet game pattern, the game had a compelling innovation element: players could speak into the microphone on their mobile device, and Tom would repeat the word back.