Tomorrow marks the start of the Tokyo Game Show, just as Valve prepares to release its massively popular Steam Deck in Asian countries. What better way to show off than by creating a super-sized portable PC that towers over the exhibit floor?

Despite exceeding its own shipping and production targets, The Verge reports that pre-orders for Valve’s new wonder mini-PC were only made available in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan last month. As seen by tweets from the Japanese Steam Deck Twitter account, Valve appears to be trying to make a good impression at the event. The business constructed a sizable Steam Deck for their booth.

Now, if someone complains that the Steam Deck is too large, merely point them that it is not as large as this:

Thank goodness FedEx is not required to deliver these items.

I won’t waste your time trying to estimate how big this monster is. Just phrase it like this: It’s obvious that a ladder is required to reach the top, which makes changing the volume rather difficult. It is safe to presume that this isn’t playable in any form, however we’ll have to wait to see whether it lights up or otherwise puts on a display (too bad; text would probably be a little more readable). While it’s interesting to see the enormous Deck in development, I’m sure it will be more more exciting to walk up to the final monster once the convention starts.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of TGS, it is really unfair that this lovely “Steam Pal” keychain is only available there. I’m getting into difficulties on eBay once more.