Steve Arhancet, the owner of Team Liquid, spoke to the group’s supporters today in the wake of the team’s poor League of Legends season finale. Arhancet announced that the team’s League roster will change in 2023 in the video that was shared on Twitter.

This year, Liquid assembled a “superteam” of five seasoned League players who had all competed both domestically and internationally. All five members of Liquid’s starting lineup had competed in the World Championship throughout the previous two seasons.

But going forward, Liquid plans to rely on its in-house growth initiatives rather than aiming for success through free agency.

According to Arhancet, Liquid has goals for 2023 that include “[doubling] down] on some of the areas where we’ve had amazing success so far, and also the potential to grow players utilizing the Team Liquid infrastructure rather than this notion of constructing superteams.”

In addition, Arhancet recognized that the company had previously benefited from its superteam approach, but that “things are changing.”

According to Arhancet, Liquid set out this season to “create a squad that would perhaps be the best lineup that the area has seen in the past decade.” These preparations finally failed last weekend as the squad lost to Evil Geniuses in the bottom bracket of the LCS Championship, finishing one game shy of a Worlds berth.

Support CoreJJ will be the lone starter for Liquid who leaves the team’s payroll and becomes a free agent this summer. According to the League Global Contract Database, the other four players in the Liquid starting lineup are all under contract for at least the 2023 season, with AD carry Hans Sama bound through the 2024 campaign. The company would need to achieve this through contract transfers and trades if Liquid wanted to sell the bulk of its players this summer.

In Liquid’s update video, Arhancet did not mention any specific players by name.

In addition to CoreJJ, Academy players Haeri, Yeon, and Eyla’s contracts will all expire at the end of the 2022 campaign.

When players whose contracts are contracted through the 2022 season expire on Nov. 22, league free agency will start in full force.