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Fans are preparing for the end of an era with G2 Esports after the company announced its withdrawal from the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. The team’s senior star jungler Jankos recently responded to some pertinent inquiries about his future plans, including whether he intends to continue playing or retire.

The 27-year-old was upfront with his fans the entire time, stating that even if the team decided to replace him with another player, he would still want to compete “for another two or three years maximum.” This is partly due to how disappointing his performance at his most recent Worlds was, as well as the fact that the gap between the Eastern and Western regions was extremely wide in 2022. Even after so many years of competition, he still finds playing professionally to be enjoyable.

Jankos also stated that he will just stop playing the game whenever he decides he no longer wants to strive for the best places or play at the greatest level. He mentions streaming several times in the video, so it seems likely that he will pursue it in the future. The skilled jungler has been streaming for a while, and throughout that time, he has built up a sizable fan base via live-streaming his solo queue exploits.

Since Jankos joined G2 at the end of 2017, the samurais have been virtually exclusively associated with him. If Jankos left G2, it would be the end of an era for the company. Together, he and G2 have won five LEC titles, a Mid-Season Invitational trophy, and four Worlds appearances.

One of the top European junglers may become free agent for the first time in four years as the heritage franchise faces a potentially explosive summer.