The FaZe team prevailed over their CIS opponent in the IEM Cologne championship match in a titanic best-of-five match that lasted late into the night. In a match that both in-game leaders described as the deciding factor in who is the greatest, the two top CS:GO teams in the world squared off in the Cathedral of Counter-Strike. Fans of professional CS:GO were treated to an encyclopedia of strategies and highlight reels long enough to fill a movie.

Throughout the eight-hour contest, the teams were evenly matched, and the series was won by the narrowest of margins. In the end, FaZe emerged as the stronger team once more, but the fact that NAVI came so close despite using sdy as a stand-in and switching the IGL mantle to electronic is a tribute to their skill.

The IEM Cologne trophy has now been added to karrigan’s trophy case, capping off an incredible season for FaZe that saw them become the first international squad to win a CS:GO Major, a Pro League championship, a victory at Katowice, and more.