Six League of Legends teams will now compete for the title in the playoffs after the LEC’s Summer Split regular season. In Malmö, Sweden, on September 11, the tournament will come to an end with the announcement of the Summer Split LEC prize winners.

The LEC Awards recognize excellent players and teams in a number of categories, but the Most Valuable Player of the Split title is unquestionably the most sought and most watched prize by fans. The MVP award has been given to 17 players in the European league over the years, most recently to Misfits Gaming mid laner Vincent “Vetheo” Berrié in the spring.

He discussed who should win the MVP award for the LEC 2022 Summer Split with prior MVP winners Caps, Vizicsacsi, Jankos, and other active professional athletes. The players also outlined the criteria that should be used to select the MVP.

The player’s individual performance and, of course, their influence on the team’s overall success are the major factors that define an MVP. However, former prize winners claim that there are more personal attributes to evaluate. G2 jungler Jankos feels that personality matters just as much as the technical mastery displayed during the season. Bringing “positive vibes” to the squad is a crucial asset, his comrade caPs noted.

The qualities of an MVP, however, are more technical for Vizicsacsi. The Astralis top laner believes that controlling the game’s pace, gaining mid priority through roaming, establishing control, and finding their spot in teamfights are all qualities that indicate a player is deserving of the MVP award.

One player has repeatedly shown that he satisfies all of these criteria. Having won three MVP awards in total, caPs did not rule himself out of contention for the prize this season, but he identified three other mid laners who may take home the prize.

In an interview with Dot Esports, caPs stated, “I think we may include Nisqy, Perkz, and Vetheo based on who got the most game MVP [during regular season]. However, he later said that Misfits and Vitality’s overall performance fell short of expectations. As a result, Nisqy, a mid laner with MAD Lions, is more likely to win.

The G2 mid laner claimed that Nisqy has a personable and upbeat demeanor that can improve a team dynamic. He’s usually grinning and cracking jokes, according to caPs, who had him on his academy squad in 2017 and has observed him frequently. And I believe he goes above and above to prevent team members from losing their tempers with one another and to keep them motivated.

Regardless matter the winner, caPs promises to destroy them throughout the playoffs.

Several mid laners, including caPs, Perkz, and Nisqy, have been mentioned as potential contenders for the MVP by fellow past champion Jankos. He emphasized that Nisqy and Perz are his favorites for the championship since they have greatly improved their squads over the course of the previous season. Jankos singled out Nisqy, the mid laner for MAD Lions, for special appreciation for his performance throughout the Summer Split, emphasizing how Nisqy “proven himself” by quickly transforming MAD Lions from “not a playoff team to a playoff squad.”

The G2 players narrowed down their list of prospective MVP contenders to only players in the mid lane. Five times, distributed among three players, Riot has given the MVP award to a mid lane player: Froggen, who received the honor in 2014, Vetheo for the next spring;

and caPs, who won the MVP by themselves in 2018, 2019, and 2020. And if the general public’s perspective were to match Vetheo’s, then more mid laners would win the MVP award. The 2022 Spring MVP said Nisqy of the MAD Lions is the sole candidate for the title of “best-performing mid laner” of the season in a post-game interview.

The majority of the previous MVP winners on a current LEC roster appear to have a predetermined response in mind, but there is one that deviates from the norm. The prized accolade was first given to a top laner in Spring 2017, and Vizicsacsi was the first person to ever state it was challenging to pick a clear winner for the MVP award this split.

According to Vizicsacsi, “I don’t think there was a standout player who is plainly the MVP throughout this split.” “I believe that voters are currently torn on who to support. Looking at the greatest teams and seeing who their carriers are may be the best strategy, in my opinion.

According to Vizicsaci, “all these guys [caPs, Vetheo, and Nisqy] haven’t displayed all of this consistently in every game; there have been ups and downs for every side.” “There wasn’t one guy who was consistently very, really great in every single game,” said the author. Vizicsacsi identified Vetheo and Nisqy as contenders for the title caPs despite his criticisms.

The mid laner for MAD Lions appears to be the front-runner for the Most Valuable Player award among the professional players questioned. Nisqy does not appear startled by the support, but he also does not claim the glory for himself. The mid laner complimented his teammates, singling out jungler Elyoya in particular. Nisqy stated, “I’m happy to be [among] the MVP candidates. But of course, without my staff performing really well, it would not be possible.

More than 50 LEC industry experts, including broadcasters, athletes, coaches, and journalists, cast their votes for the season’s MVP. Fans and professionals of the League may anticipate learning who won the MVP award later in the LEC’s Summer Playoffs, even if the award for the finest coaching staff has already been announced. The MVP award is often given out during the split finals, therefore it’s possible that the 2022 MVP will be announced on September 11 in Malmö.