Dataminers who think they have discovered proof of future Titanfall maps being added to the game have uncovered gold in the Beast of Prey update patch for Apex Legends.

According to Insider Gaming, the information for multiple maps appears to have been uploaded, according to Apex dataminer KralRindo. There are a total of nine maps, all of which are fan favorites from Titanfall 2, the game that inspired Apex. The maps would allegedly be a part of the Capture Point limited-time mode, which has not yet been made public. Thordan Smash, another Apex source, saw what appeared to be a loading screen for the mode that featured imagery from the Colony map.

In the comments, a few admirers voiced disbelief.

In all honesty, I don’t believe many of these would interact well with Apex’s mobility. They won’t likely look precisely the same as they do in Titanfall, but nonetheless,” one enthusiast commented. Another person added, “While I am incredibly happy to see these maps reappear, they were built with pilot movement in mind.

While Apex and Titanfall 2 share a setting and a number of characters, many of Titanfall’s gameplay elements—such as wall-running and controlling mechs—were left out of the well-liked battle royale.

Even while it isn’t the Titanfall 3 that many fans are looking for, if these maps are authentic, it may indicate that there may be more collaborations and interactions between the two series. The Titanfall fan community has been outspoken about wanting Respawn Entertainment to continue the series; last year, players successfully hacked Apex to voice their displeasure over cheaters infiltrating the initial Titanfall.