Prior to finding success with Fortnite, Epic Games had a free-to-play MOBA named Paragon that was active for two years before being discontinued. Thanks to the efforts of a separate developer who revived the game using a treasure trove of Epic’s assets, Paragon has returned after four years.

The new MOBA version is known as Paragon: The Overprime and was discovered by PC Gamer. The rebirth is being managed by the South Korean firm Netmarble, and it is possible because Epic offered roughly $12 million in assets on its Epic Game Store platform for nothing.

Netmarble is carrying on from where the firm left off and is presently holding a “last test” before an early access period starts in November since Epic permits developers to freely use these resources to make games.

Apply using this link by tweeting a positive thing about the game if you’re interested. You can also keep a watch on the Epic Game Store to see when it becomes live there. You may anticipate testing out new characters, maps, and enhancements to a number of other in-game features during the current test.

Since Paragon was displaced by Fortnite’s enormous popularity, a number of games have used its assets. The Overprime is only one of many spiritual heirs. The Paragon assets were made public immediately after the announcement of Overprime, CORE, Predecessor, and Fault, all of which are now in various states of development.