Since Indonesia failed to register with Kominfo, access to well-known game streaming providers like Epic Games and Steam has been prohibited.

On July 29, Team Secret, a Philippine-based group, claimed that a number of internet services, including PayPal, had been blocked in Indonesia, in addition to Steam, Epic Games, and These businesses’ access to Indonesia has been restricted because they have not registered with Kominfo, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Indonesia.

According to the website for private PSE providers maintained by Kominfo, there are presently 8276 private PSE registered. There are 207 international PSE and 8,069 local PSE in that collection. Cooperations must register with Kominfo in order for their services to be accessible in Indonesia; otherwise, they risk receiving a warning and eventually being prohibited. Examples of businesses that have already registered include YouTube, Google, the PlayStation Store, Roblox, and more. However, organizations like Amazon, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and others are still not registered with Kominfo. These businesses will provide a formal warning, then a monetary penalty, and ultimately termination. Due to a shortage of registration, Steam, Epic Games, and’s gaming services are no longer available in Indonesia.

There is a chance that soon other gaming services may also be disabled. When this article was being written, the PSE website said that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and Origin did not register. These businesses might join Steam, Epic Games, and in having their access stopped in Indonesia if they disobey Kominfo.