Shortly afterwards, Elon Musk bought Twitter for about 9% of the social network’s total, making him the largest shareholder in Twitter. But recently, Elon Musk did not stop at just managing shares, he submitted a complete acquisition of Twitter, and so far Twitter has officially accepted the offer.

Elon Musk has successfully bought Twitter for $ 44 billion, or $ 54.20 per share. This means that from now on, Twitter will become a privately held company fully owned by Elon Musk, no longer dividing shares as it once was as a public company.

The main goal of Elon Musk to acquire Twitter completely is to improve the social network, especially to give freedom of expression to all users, and to bring Bring important functions to this one social network as well.

Not only that, Cut also wants to create various solutions for Twitter to become Open Source to increase trust as well as against Spam Bots in this social network and so on.