Every League of Legends fan knows that DRX made a miraculous run to the 2022 League of Legends World Championship, but the reigning Summoner’s Cup champions have had a difficult summer. For instance, the organization recently had to clarify certain speculations concerning its 2022 roster that had been circulating on social media.

Supporters of the company have been wondering about the new lineup for the next season, featuring well-known Korean mid laner Doinb, for the past day. In order to get breakout midlane star Zeka to re-sign with the company, the 25-year-old veteran said that DRX allegedly sought to recruit famous jungler Kanavi.

Zeka made the decision to explore free agency as DRX was unable to retain Kanavi’s services for the next year. The organization promised the supporters in a statement that they “made it a priority to renew the contracts with the five existing players” in response. Additionally, they said that when negotiating terms, they never recommended adding a player from outside the present squad.

All of DRX’s players became free agents when the worldwide offseason started because their contracts had expired after Worlds, and members of the squad started signing with various companies. While Kingen and Zeka joined Hanwha Life Esports, superstar AD carry Deft signed with DWG KIA.

Many fans were disappointed by the outcome since they had high hopes for this Cinderella team to remain together and become a fan favorite in 2023. DRX will have to rebuild itself once more as they look for the magic they were able to catch in a bottle this past October because three of the five players from the 2022 roster are leaving.

Even if DRX is unable to reach League’s summit once more, they can still be proud of having had one of the best runs in the sport’s history.