During its livestream event, Logitech presented a new steering wheel, a piece of equipment with some amazing features targeted at die-hard fans of racing games. In an enthusiast kit, having a tiny LED display, force feedback, and low-latency response are all fantastic additions, but the modular architecture of the steering wheel makes it not only significantly more configurable but also more accessible to persons with impairments.

The top paddle shifters are likewise magnetic and have hall-effect sensors, albeit this combination is not inexpensive. The G Pro wheel alone will set you back $1,000, while the additional pedals will run you $350. When compared to other manufacturers in that market, including Thrustmaster and Fanatec, the Logitech G Pro steering wheel does have a higher price point as a result.

This week, Logitech announced the details of their impending $350 gaming portable gadget in addition to a highly realistic steering wheel. The Logitech G Cloud has a 1080p screen, a long battery life, and it works with Xbox Cloud Gaming from Microsoft.