As the final game in the storied collaboration between EA Sports and FIFA that has resulted in over three decades’ worth of successful titles, FIFA 23 will be the end of an era. Because FIFA 23 is so significant, there is a lot of optimism that EA Sports will go above and beyond to make sure that the final installment in the FIFA franchise is a memorable one. Many fans are thrilled with the recent release of the first teaser for FIFA 23 since it teases a number of brand-new modes and features that are guaranteed to wow soccer fans everywhere and make FIFA 23 one of the most eagerly awaited soccer games in recent memory.

The FIFA 23 video mostly serves as a cinematic preview of the future game, with narration outlining all the modifications and new features. It also significantly emphasizes female soccer players for the first time, presumably indicating that there will be more female leagues and game modes available to allow fans to experience a side of soccer that has not previously been reflected in video games. FIFA 23 is designed to provide gamers the most realistic soccer experience available while paying respect to the collaboration between two titans in the business, from a new animation system to an entirely new free kick system.