Dot Esports was informed by many sources that North American business Cloud9 has advised its VALORANT academy members to explore for new options. Chase “nillyaz” Linder, Tanner “geeza” McGhee, and Michael “poiz” Possis were the three players that remained on the roster.

According to sources close to the team, the roster will be removed from the organization owing to financial concerns over franchising. Later this month, Cloud9 Academy was scheduled to face Oxygen Academy and the free agent team “City Boys,” however they have forfeited their remaining MEL Premiership S3 games.

If teams are chosen for the partnership league next year, it is doubtful that they will be required to keep or field an academy roster. Given that the leagues start the next year, this choice might yet change.

One of the most well-known companies in North America, Cloud9 has a long history with Riot Games and tournament organizers. Since the start of franchising in 2018, the team has collaborated with Riot for the League Championship Series. They were chosen to advance to the next round of the VALORANT collaboration from among about a dozen other teams in North America. Before Riot makes its final choice of which teams will be chosen, each business must provide further financial data.

There will be between eight and twelve clubs in the Americas league. If chosen, Cloud9 will face off against teams from North America, Latin America, and Brazil. The regular Cloud9 team, which is scheduled to participate in the North American last chance qualifier next month, will not be impacted by the move. The event’s winner will guarantee qualifying for Champions later in the year.