At VALORANT Champions, 100 Thieves and DRX have both won a spot at the top of the first group D standings, but only one of them will be able to hold onto that coveted top spot and be the first to advance to the playoffs.

With a 2-0 victory against 100T, the group stage champions DRX once again demonstrated their superiority and inched closer to securing the coveted championship trophy. The Korean Challengers champions rolled their opponents in an almost effortless victory after a lackluster showing in Stage 2 Masters, securing their place in the playoffs.

For the opening match of the series, 100T brought their opponents to the exotic yet hazardous dunes of Breeze. However, they found it difficult to maneuver past DRX’s offensive thrust right away in the pistol round. Every time they looked to have control of either site, MaKo’s Viper was prepared to engage 100T, winning him a number of multi-kills. Despite their five-round winning streak, Bang’s Viper fought back with a utility of his own to keep the score close before the side switch.

Bang got the majority of the kills in the subsequent rounds after 100T controlled the second pistol round and carried this late-round momentum into the side switch. Expert poison placement disrupted practically the whole infrastructure of both sites during the final rounds of the Viper wars between Bang and MaKo, pushing the teams into prolonged overtime. Buzz and MaKo’s multi-kill magic continued for over ten more rounds before DRX won the opening map, 18-16.

DRX chose the map Fracture for game two, and they started the match by attacking. 100T responded by doing the same when they noticed that DRX would move collectively on their offensive push as opposed to dividing themselves between the two attacker spawns. As they built up a seven-round winning run, maintaining tight control over their economy, and subjected the map to the 9-3 curse, each player had a chance to shine.

A squad that was already having trouble keeping up with DRX’s pace was further confused when Rb, racing as Neon, did circuits around 100T in the side switch. However, some teleportation from Will’s Chamber prompted DRX to play more cautiously and concede several rounds to their rivals. 100T began a strong run with a five-round winning streak after falling down significantly. Despite a heroic attempt, 100T was unable to defeat the monsters from the group stage, giving DRX a place in the playoffs.

With this triumph, DRX completes their group stage without a loss and secures a place in the forthcoming playoff round. In the Decider Match for group D, where they will face either FURIA Esports or Fnatic, 100T will have one more chance to advance to the playoffs and keep their title as VALORANT champions.

The playoff bracket for VALORANT Champions has not yet been established. Nevertheless, it will be seeded after the Group stage. Levitán from group A, OpTic Gaming from group B, and DRX from group D are the only teams who have already secured a berth in the following bracket.