One of the top North American Apex Legends teams has found a new home, and it’s with an organization that is making a comeback.

The former Team Liquid lineup, which includes Brandon “Nocturnal” Singer, Brandon “FunFPS” Goombridge, Nicholas “Sikezz” Odom, and coach Haris “Hodsic” Hodzic, has been signed by XSET, the club announced today.

Regardless of the outcome of the regional final, the new XSET squad approaches the regional finals on Sunday, Dec. 18, as a lock to qualify for the Split One Playoffs LAN, which will take place in early 2023. XSET will be among the favorites to win the LAN after being one of the most reliable teams in NA over the course of the last several months.

The current free agent team SZN competed in Apex on behalf of XSET in the final ALGS season. SZN is now a free agent team. XSET’s return to the Apex scene after July 2022 is marked by the signing of the previous Liquid lineup.

The Liquid squad, which finished year two of ALGS as one of North America’s top teams, included Nocturnal, Fun, and Hodsic. Zachary “Gild” Dennis and the team came in second place at the LAN in Stockholm, Sweden, earning $150,000 for their efforts. A 12th-place result in the ALGS Championship in Raleigh, North Carolina, was the team’s follow-up performance.

The Liquid team added controller fragger Sikezz for the third year of ALGS play when Gild left to join NRG, and they soon continued to achieve excellent success in both third-party events and ALGS play. Despite being one of NA’s top squads after rising from being also-rans in the first year of ALGS competition, Liquid revealed in September that it was enabling its team to consider offers from other organizations.

The team continues their winning streak and will finish the first split of ALGS year three as one of the top teams in the globe despite being in the odd situation of seeking for a team while still officially representing Liquid.

According to Liquipedia, the squad holds the greatest mark in North America and the sixth-best mark in the whole globe with an average placement per game of 7.17. The team must consistently be present in the game’s closing zones in order to maintain that level of consistency, which is encouraging for the LAN and match point formats.

The former Liquid squad may likely win the trophy in the Split One Playoffs thanks to their consistent playstyle, which highlights the team’s capacity to constantly earn top places. However, they would represent a distinct set if they did.