A legendary LCS player may now add even another accomplishment to his already outstanding résumé.

The player with the most lifetime kills in LCS history is now officially mid laner Bjergsen of Team Liquid, who has participated in the league for nearly ten years. He was able to collect his 2,274th kill in the fourth game of Liquid’s Playoffs series versus 100 Thieves, shortly after a game in which he used his signature Zilean pick. No other LCS player can claim to have accomplished this accomplishment.

Wildturtle, who is considered as one of the finest ADCs in LCS history and has almost 11 years of professional experience, formerly held the record. While he started the year with Immortals Academy, he has since played for teams like TSM and FlyQuest, contributed to several top finishes in regular seasons and playoffs, and made several trips to Worlds.

In the lifetime kill leaderboard earlier this year, Bjergsen was able to beat his longtime buddy and foe Doublelift. Throughout their lengthy LCS careers, the two have competed both alongside and against one another. Bjergsen’s season is still ongoing, thus in the upcoming weeks, he is sure to keep pulling away from his competitors in this statistic.

In game five of their second-round encounter in the 2022 LCS Summer Playoffs that will determine the LCS Champion, Bjergsen and the rest of Team Liquid are now competing against 100 Thieves. If Liquid wins this match, they will be eligible to compete in this year’s Worlds, which will start on September 29 in Mexico City. However, they will need to keep competing for a place at Worlds if they are moved to the lower bracket.