With two whole match days remaining, the VALORANT Champions 2022 skin bundle, a set of skins and in-game goods to commemorate the game’s second-ever global championship, has already collected more than $16 million for the qualified teams.

The package includes two useable gun pals of the Champions trophy, a butterfly knife, a spray, a player card, and a Phantom spray that is only available for a short period of time. The total cost of all the things when purchased separately is 9,200 VALORANT points, or about $90, however purchasing them all at once only costs 6,167 VALORANT points, or about $60. When the player utilizing the Phantom or knife gets killed, visual effects and auras that appear on them can be upgraded.

According to the in-game shop page, the participating teams receive 50% of the Champions 2022 bundle’s net earnings. With 16 teams going and more than $16 million in funds generated thus far for the teams, each team will get more than a million dollars. It is up to each team to decide how to divide its portion between the group and the players. The team’s performance in the tournament has no bearing on revenue splits for the Champions 2022 package.

The revenue from this year’s package is significantly more than it was last year. According to reports, the Champions 2021 package from the previous year made a total of $18.72 million, of which $9.36 million was distributed to the 16 participating clubs.

More in-game products associated with the competitive scene, maybe including team skins and cosmetics, are anticipated to be added to the game when VALORANT esports switches to the VCT partnership model in 2023.

Up until September 22, the Champions 2022 package can still be purchased through the shop, but after that date, it will no longer be offered.