In 2022, Embark Studios decided to shift its primary attention away from ARC Raiders and instead promote THE FINALS as its first title.

A team-based multiplayer first-person shooter is called THE FINALS. The Swedish developer revealed a lot more information about the game yesterday, along with an amazing gameplay clip and a wealth of intriguing details. Bach, the former CEO of Battlefield, launched Embark Studios, which is primarily reliant on server-side movement and destruction.

Instead of having movement physics running on the client-side (i.e. the computer you run the game on), environment movement happens on the server. Server-side movement & destruction has been a holy grail in game development for a long time, and we’re really proud to have made it a reality in THE FINALS. That suggests that there is a single, simultaneous truth about physics that applies to all participants. This in turn enables physics-driven motion on uncertain surfaces.

Yes, we realize it’s a mouthful, but it basically implies that in a multiplayer environment, players may move simultaneously on moving platforms. Or that you and your pals may all simultaneously experience being in the same crumbling house. The way dynamic multiplayer may be played is radically altered by this fascinating subject.

The most exciting part is perhaps that there will be an Alpha Playtest for THE FINALS starting tomorrow, and you can register via Steam.

In the Alpha, players can expect:

  • 12-player Extraction Mode featuring four teams of three;
  • 42 different weapons, gadgets, and abilities;
  • One map based on the Old Town of Monaco;
  • Character builder with three types (heavy, medium, light), with each type featuring unique weapons, gadgets, attributes (like hp and movement speed), unique attributes, and visual customization options.