The battle royale game Realm Royale, which debuted in 2018, has returned with a significant revamp and a new name.

Developer Heroic Leap Games and publisher Hi-Rez Studios announced the long-awaited return of the free-to-play game under the new moniker Realm Royale Reforged.

New weapons, skills, and better class systems are all included in the battle royale, along with free content that is available to all players. Additionally, a brand-new cinematic launch video was released, announcing that the game is now accessible on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Epic Games Store through Steam.

Realm Royale Reforged has also undergone significant changes, with the old “Runes” system being replaced with “Armor.” Throughout the course of a game, players can now loot, equip, and upgrade one of four distinct types of armor, each of which offers different advantages and buffs.

Only Solos and Trios will be offered at launch; Duos and Squads won’t be offered. The developer claimed that because it would bring about extra advantages like 60 players plus non-playable characters (NPCs) each match, balanced gameplay, and Limited Time Modes that don’t interfere with matching, it feels that “this route is healthiest for the game.”

In addition, Realm Royale veterans will receive the OG Bundle, which comes with four class skins, avatars, a chicken skin, a loading screen, and a spray, when they check in as a way of saying thanks to the game’s founding members.

For a limited time, brand-new players can also get the Forged in Fire Bundle for free, which will unlock a number of additional skins and avatars in addition to brand-new cosmetics like the Phoenix Chicken Skin and Skydive Skin.

In other developments, Amazon Alexa voice control will be available in Deep Silver’s forthcoming zombie sequel Dead Island 2. Players will be able to voice certain cues that will register in-game thanks to the new software, which goes by the name of Alexa Game Control.