After the Tekken 7 Grand Finals at EVO 2022, Bandai Namco recently announced what may very well be Tekken 8 with a teaser trailer. This past weekend, the fighting game competition took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. The creator also revealed that Tekken 7 will receive a brand-new Battle Update on August 17 later this month.

Before turning to a close-up of Mishima, the teaser video opens with a view of Kazuya dragging Heihachi to the brink of a cliff. The phrase “get ready” then briefly appears to the side, teasing the possibility that Bandai Namco is about to make an official announcement.No information was provided as to whether this would be for a new installment in the Tekken series or for something entirely different.

Some have speculated that the teaser trailer could be interpreted as implying that Bandai Namco is presently working on a reboot or maybe a remake of the first installment of the Tekken franchise considering the amount of time devoted to it at EVO 2022. To the joy and chagrin of lovers of fighting games, the company provided no more information.

On March 18, 2015, the arcades released the series’ most current game, Tekken 7. On June 2, 2017, Tekken 7 was made available globally on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game was generally well-received by both players and critics, and it quickly became popular with consumers, becoming a financial success in just a few short months. More than 9 million copies of Tekken 7 have already been sold, breaking the previous franchise record of Tekken 3.