Once you beyond a certain performance threshold, cooling your gaming PC might become challenging. A CPU/GPU will become hotter the better it performs. A new case from ASUS is designed specifically for high-performance PC systems since it is crucial that they have enough of cooling.

The TUF Gaming GT502 case for custom PCs was just unveiled by ASUS. While ASUS often employs the more famous ROG portfolio for ultra-premium gaming hardware, the TUF brand is typically reserved for mid-range gaming. Despite this, this TUF case includes all the features a high-end customer may need, most significantly plenty of room and flexibility for cooling.

It features a dual-chamber design, and you can add up to 13 fans to the case (it has four ARGB fans and an ARGB hub already installed), allowing you to draw and exhaust just the appropriate amount of air to keep your PC cool. Or most likely far more than it truly requires. Because for the majority of systems, that actually is overkill. That will likely be useful if you have really expensive parts or if you want to overclock a lot. The cooling capabilities of the chassis are also quite flexible, allowing you to attach up to a 360mm radiator for AIO coolers or unique liquid cooling loops.

Given its size, it can support almost any installation you choose. It can accommodate graphics cards up to 400mm in length, ATX motherboards, ATX power supplies, and even a vertical bracket if you want to put your graphics card vertically instead of horizontally. The chassis also includes a wide choice of other components that will appeal to all PC builders, whether they’re creating a standard, mid-range gaming PC or a monstrous machine with an RTX 3090 Ti. These include extensive front panel headers with USB-C ports and even integrated cable clips to simplify cord management.