It has recently been reported that EA has been in talks with several major companies over the possibility of selling its company, including Apple.

However, prior to the talks with Apple, EA was reportedly in talks with Disney as their first choice since March, but the talks were unsuccessful because Disney refused to buy. EA then negotiated with NBCUniversal and everything went smoothly, almost to the point of agreement, but due to a mismatch between the price and the conditions, the purchase could not be finalized.

So far, Apple is known to be the next company in talks with EA, and Apple has also expressed its interest in acquiring the gaming company, as it is currently strengthening its Gaming service. Its arcade the same.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post, but it could be better for Apple if an agreement is reached. Bring popular games to their devices to further enhance their Ecosystem System.

EA is one of the largest game developers in the world, with many popular games such as Battlefield, Apex Legends, SimCity, FIFA, DragonAge and more.