Apple recently filed a lawsuit against startup chipmaker Rivos alleging that the company stole its data from a former Apple chip designer.

Apple has alleged that at least two of its employees left the company with the theft of gigabytes of Apple data to give to the new company Rivos. It is expected that the person who stole the data will also be able to access the presentation documents related to the chip design, which has not yet been officially announced by Apple.

At the same time, Apple believes that Rivos is instructing some of its employees to act through the use of encrypted messaging software, and that its former employees who stole the data are likely to try to delete data from Apple products. They used all to cover up this.

In the lawsuit, Apple stated that it had no choice but to sue because of the amount of data being stolen, as well as its employees who were working for a rival company trying to gain access to some valuable secrets. Most for their company.