The regular season of the 2022 LCK Summer Split has been a thrilling experience for both teams and spectators. As a result of Gen.dominance G’s throughout the group stage, they were able to take the top place on the points chart and become only the third team to win 17 or more games during an LCK split.

Therefore, it is not unexpected that four Gen.G players were chosen for the All-LCK First Team. They are Lehends for support, Ruler for AD carry, Chovy for mid lane, Peanut for the jungle position, and Chovy. Zeus from T1 got the top lane slot on the All-LCK First Team.

Peanut has the best KDA and the lowest average regular-season deaths of all of the junglers in this year’s Summer Split. Comparing Chovy to other mid laners in the LCK Summer Split of the year, he has the greatest stats in practically every category.

It was expected that Ruler and Lehends would be selected for the AD carry and support roles for the All-LCK First squad. The bottom lane combo has dominated their lane, outperforming rival teammates in practically every game. Additionally, if Gen.G was in a bind, they were crucial in changing matches.

Zeus from T1 has unquestionably dominated the top lane. He has the best kill average of any top laner and frequently carries T1 when the team is up against a wall.

Gen.Doran G’s for the top lane and T1’s Oner, Faker, and Keria for the jungle, mid lane, and support positions respectively make up the All-LCK Second Team. Prince of Liiv Sandbox has earned his position as this team’s AD carry. Even though they had a little less influence on their games than the guys chosen for the first team, all of these players had an amazing regular season.

The players on the All-LCK Third Team are from KT and SANDBOX. Both of these clubs have surpassed expectations and qualified for the playoffs. Rascal and Aiming are the KT players chosen for the top lane and AD carry positions. SANDBOX’s Croco, Clozer, and Kael have been chosen for the support, mid-lane, and jungle positions, respectively.

These players excelled in their duties as evidenced by their selection to the All-LCK team lists. They have helped their teams cross the finish line in tight situations. These players will need to give it their all if they want to help their side move farther in the LCK Summer Playoffs, which begin tomorrow.